Summer Calls for Outdoor Grilling! But What Summer Cocktails Go With What Food?

Pairing food with cocktails can be an excellent way to enhance the experience for your guests. Here are some classic summer cocktails and food pairings for your next BBQ or summer party.



  • Food Pairing: Tacos, nachos, guacamole, ceviche
  • Description: The citrusy, slightly sweet, and salty profile of a margarita pairs perfectly with the bold, spicy flavors of Mexican cuisine.


  • Food Pairing: Grilled steak, charcuterie, dark chocolate
  • Description: The rich, robust flavor of an Old Fashioned compliments hearty, savory meats and rich chocolates.


  • Food Pairing: Grilled shrimp, light salads, fresh fruit
  • Description: The refreshing mint and lime flavors of a mojito are great with light summery dishes.


  • Food Pairing: Oysters, smoked salmon, olives
  • Description: The clean crisp taste of a martini pairs well with seafood and salty snacks.

Whiskey Sour

  • Food Pairing: Barbecue ribs, fried chicken, apple pie
  • Description: The sweet and sour balance of a Whiskey Sour can cut through the richness of fried and grilled foods.


  • Food Pairing: Cured meats, blue cheese, antipasti
  • Description: The bitterness of a Negroni compliments the saltiness of cured meats and the strong flavors of blue cheese.

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