Irish Coffee… It really is Irish!

Bill’s Package Store wants you to know where Irish Coffee came from and how to make it.

A photo of a delicious cup of Irish coffee. Learn how to make it with Bill's Package store five easy steps and quility liquors.The Story:

The original Irish coffee was created at the flying boat terminal in Foynes, Ireland. The short version of the story goes like this: On October 1943, a “flying boat” had departed from the terminal in Foynes but had to turn back due to bad weather. The restaurant staff was called back in to feed the passengers. The chef, Joe Sheridan, decided he was going to put some whiskey in the coffee to warm them up. A journalist from San Francisco, Stanton Delaplane, came through, tried the drink and went back and told his friend Jack Koeppler about the drink. Koeppler was the owner of the Buena Vista Cafe on Fisherman’s Wharf. He was intrigued by the drink and recreated it with Delaplane’s help. It is still served today at the Buena Vista Cafe.

5 Easy Steps:

  1. Preheat your glass with hot water, then pour that water out.
  2. Add a teaspoon of brown sugar and a shot of Irish Whiskey and stir together.
  3. Pour in hot coffee and stir again.
  4. Pour lightly whipped cream so it floats on top.
  5. Serve.

Some variations have appeared over the years such as using Bailey’s Irish Cream, but the Buena Vista Cafe still serves about 2,000 glasses of the original recipe a day.

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