Whiskey… the myths, the legends!

According to Mark Twain: “Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.” Bill’s Package Store would like to dispel some of the myths about whiskey.


Learn about the different types of Whiskey

Whiskey: What is it?

Whiskey by definition is pretty confusing. There’s:

Let’s start with Bourbon. Bourbon has to be made with at least 51% corn, aged in a brand new charred oak barrel and made in the US. Many people think that bourbon has to be made in Kentucky. This is false. Although; 95% of all bourbon is made in Kentucky. Kentucky is fortunate to sit on a large supply of limestone which purifies the water needed to make the bourbon.

According to Fred Minnick, author of “Bourbon: The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of an American Whiskey”, Whiskey is merely a categorical term that essentially means distilled grain aged in wood.

Rye is distilled with at least 51% rye. (simplistic name, don’t you think?)

Scotch Whiskeys tend to be smoky and earthy, whereas Canadian Whiskey is light and fruity.

Single-malt Scotch is distilled at one distillery from malted barley, and Irish whiskey is obviously distilled in Ireland.

When drinking whiskey, it should be “sipped”, not “shot” or chugged. And it should be served “neat” (with nothing) or with ice. When adding ice, use a large cube instead of crushed or chipped. The large cube will chill the whiskey without melting too fast as to dilute the whiskey. It is suggested that you should add just a touch of water to your glass to bring out the full flavor of the whiskey and softens the punch of the alcohol.

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