Spirit of the Month: Gin

Do you know what you are looking for in a Gin?

With so many brands available,  you need to know which one suits your taste!

Bill’s Package Store has a great selection of Gins that are perfect for any cocktail.  We want to tell you a little bit about the flavor profiles of Gin and some great pairings to accompany some of your favorites!


  1. You need to know a little bit about Gin, and what it is.  Gin is ordinarily made by distilling or redistilling fermented grains with juniper berries and other aromatics.
  2. All Gins must be at least 80 proof (40% alcohol) in order to be called Gin.
  3. Gin can also be made by simply adding the essence or flavors of juniper and other aromatics to neutral grain spirits. This is known as compound Gin and is generally not very high quality.
  4. If a manufacturer has made Gin by distilling or redistilling fermented grain with juniper berries it is labeled  “distilled Gin” to set it apart from cheaper compound Gin.  Distilled Gin is what we will be talking about for the rest of this blog.


Gin can be a complex and delicious drink filled with all kinds of aromatic flavors.  The most prominent flavor in most Gin is juniper, that piney spice that gives Gin a Christmas-tree character.  On top of that, there can be a combination of spices and aromas that make each Gin unique.  The two other most common flavors are coriander and citrus peel.  These three flavors combined provide the most common flavor profile of Gin.  Most of the other flavors you may taste in a good Gin are not necessarily common flavors (ex. grains of paradise). However these spices and aromatics can help to give Gin a huge variety of styles and flavor profiles.

Gin is perfect in many different cocktails and pairs well with quite a few foods.  If you are planning on pairing Gin with a good cheese at a cocktail party, there are a few great options.  A good hard sheep’s milk cheese, like Pecorino, is great with Gin.  It has a wonderful herbaceous quality and high fat content.  These compliment the flavor profiles in Gin and help to cut through the heavy alcohol content.  If you are more into soft cheeses, Triple Creme cheeses are also a nice pairing and actually have many of the same qualities.

The last thing we want to leave you with is a link to the perfect Gin & Tonic recipe!  For more Gin inspirations and to learn about the many varieties available at here in Clarksville visit us today! Come by Bill’s Package Store on Ft. Campbell Blvd and experience our selection of delicious Gins for yourself.






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