Spirit of the Month: Vodka

Vodka is delicious, versatile, and has a rich history. Vodka can be consumed straight, or used in a variety of mixed drinks.

In fact, its flexibility has made vodka arguably the most popular spirit in all the world.

The first record of vodka can be traced back to Russia in the ninth century and Poland in the eighth century. Its popularity began with soldiers and quickly spread throughout these countries over time. Eventually, a (now) famous distiller (Does the name Smirnoff ring a bell?) began producing vodka in France. This would not be the only well-known vodka producer, as vodka’s popularity has only grown exponentially over time.

The production of vodka requires the fermentation of food high in sugar or starch. (This made potatoes the perfect starter for this spirit!) Once the product has fermented, it is distilled to increase its alcohol content. Today, most vodkas are made from grains. These may include, but are not limited to

  • Corn
  • Rye
  • Rice
  • Wheat
  • And Potatoes!

Once fermentation is complete, the resulting product is only about 16% alcohol by volume (ABV). At this point, vodka does not meet the ABV requirement for a “spirit”. This is where distillation comes in. After distillation, most vodka is 30-40%ABV, with “rectified spirits” (like Everclear) reaching about 95% ABV.

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