Spirit of the month: Whiskey

We have a great selection of whiskey here at Bill’s.  Do you know what your are looking for in a whiskey?

Whiskey is one of the most unique spirits available.  With so many styles and varieties it can be a little intimidating if you are just starting out as a whiskey drinker.  So what is whiskey?

Whiskey is unique because it  is made primarily from grains which give each whiskey a distinct flavor.  Strangely, whiskey and beer start life in a very similar fashion.  They both originate from a grain that is malted by steeping the grain in hot water which releases the natural sugars.  This sugar is what is eventually fermented by adding yeast to create the alcohol.  To make beer, hops and other ingredients are added in order to flavor and preserve the beer.  In order to make whiskey it must be distilled.  Distilling captures and concentrates the components, which include alcohol. This liquid is then aged in oak barrels, where it matures and becomes whiskey. The types of grain used, the distillation method, and the casks chosen for aging are what make each whiskey taste different.

There are a few primary countries that produce the majority of whiskeys available.  They are:

  • Ireland (Irish Whiskey): Made in Ireland, typically lacking the smokey, peaty flavor of Scotch.  It is often distilled three times, yielding a lighter whiskey.
  • Scotland (Scotch): Made in Scotland and usually distilled twice, always aged in second hand barrels.  In a Scottish bar, you always ask for whisky, not Scotch.
  • America (Bourbon, Tennessee Whiskey, Rye Whiskey, Blended American Whiskey): There is a huge variety of American whiskey.  From Moonshine which is un-aged and clear, to triple distilled varieties.  The flavors  can range from smoky to sweet and floral.
  • Canada (Canadian Whiskey): Usually a blend and fairly light and easy to drink.  The term rye is synonymous with whisky in Canada.
  • Japan (Japanese Whiskey): Made in Japan, and it tastes more like Scotch than any other type.

Whiskey is made throughout the world in small amounts. Japan is the fastest growing producer of whiskey.  With so many styles and brands of whiskey on the market, there is a style of whiskey perfect for each person.  Visit us at Bill’s Package Store and we’ll help you pick the perfect bottle for your tastes.  Bill’s Package Store offers superior quality, top-shelf brands of your favorite liquors at the lowest prices in Clarksville, TN.

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