Where did the Mojito come from?

Ahh, the Mojito. On a nice warm day, there is just nothing like kicking back with a nice refreshing cocktail. The Mojito is a great choice thanks to its crisp, cool flavor. Have you ever wondered where this classic cocktail originated?

Here’s a little history of the delicious cocktail favorite, the Mojito!

Humble Beginnings  

The first Mojitos were born in Cuba, essentially out of necessity. At the time, rum was incredibly difficult to transport, so it wore the flavors of many steps of its journey (like fumes from the gas used in transportation). In order to make the flavor more pleasing, Cuban farmers would add whatever was convenient – like lime, sugar cane, and mint.

Prohibition Progression

Eventually, the onset of prohibition would mean the refinement of the Mojito. As Americans began to visit Havana more and more, this cocktail migrated from the farms to working-class beaches around the Cuban capital. It proceeded inland from there, where it was polished with carbonated water, lots of ice, and a nice tall glass.

Creative Future

Since its arrival in the states, people have gotten more and more adventurous with their delicious takes on the Mojito. Despite the fact that this cocktail requires specific ingredients, patience, and tender care to create, it remains one of the most popular cocktails of all time! It’s a good idea to start with a classic simple Mojito recipe. But, don’t be afraid to customize and experiment with your Mojito as you make it! For example, feel free to adjust the amount of lime juice depending on the tartness of your limes, etc.

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