Perfect Pairings: Bath Bombs and Wine

Some things are just made for each other: cookies and milk, mac and cheese… a glass of wine and a relaxing bath. Have you ever considered how the scent of your favorite bath products pair with your wine of choice?

These wine and bath bomb pairings can help take your relaxation experience to the next level!

Pinot Noir

Pinot noir pairs well with herby and floral aromas. For an elevated bath experience, try pairing your favorite glass of Pinot Noir with bath bombs, fizzies or salts that smell like lilacs, basil, oregano or ranunculus.


This fruity, floral variety is perfect for a cozy bathtime treat. Pair Rosé with floral inspired scents such as lavender. Not only will the notes from your Rosé make for a splendid bath night in, but the relaxing aroma of a lavender bath will really kick your relaxation experience up a notch.


This wine selection pairs best with a mild, sweet scent. If you are a Zinfandel lover (Who isn’t? It pairs well with everything!) try adding a vanilla scented fizz to your bath. The unassuming scent of the vanilla will not compete with your wine, letting your glass of Zinfandel be the star of the show.


Merlot boasts a distinctive, rich flavor that can’t be ignored. Try pairing this wine with an equally distinctive, yet still pleasing scent like mint. Minty fragrances always smell fresh and invigorating. Sometimes, mint can even give off a floral or grassy smell. Because mint is strong enough to hold its own, this scent pairs well with wines that have extra floral or fruity notes.

We hope you enjoy these fun wine and bath bomb pairings! Even if your favorite wine or scent did not make the list, never fear, your bathtime experience is not doomed. Mix and match until you find your favorite combination. We are firm believers that taking relaxation time for yourself is a win, no matter what! Whether you like to enjoy your glass of vino in a bath, with a book or curled up watching a movie, we have you covered at Bill’s Package Store! Come see us and we can help you choose the perfect wine to help you wind down. Check out our great selection at our store on Ft. Campbell Blvd. in Clarksville, TN. We hope to see you soon!


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