Why Are Mint Juleps Served In Metal Cups?

Bill's Package Store - Mint Julep in Metal Cup

Although Derby Day is over, Bill’s Package Store wants you to be “In The Know” about this tradition and how it started.

First off, the mint julep is an iconic symbol for Kentucky and Bourbon. Here’s the official recipe:

  • Always use a silver cup
  • Fill it with pulverized ice
  • Bruise one tender little leaf of mint and stick it in the ice
  • Dissolve a spoonful of sugar in about ¾ cup of a *good whiskey
  • Pour the whiskey through the ice to the bottom of the cup
  • Shake the cup slowly until a coating of white frost forms on the outside
  • Trim with a sprig of mint

Even before the Kentucky Derby, the handmade sterling silver cups have been coveted and collected. The sleek and classic design is accredited to master silversmiths Asa Blanchard of Lexington, KY, and brothers William and Archibald Cooper of Louisville. There are two main styles of julep cups: One with a beaded rim and the other with bands at the top.

Since the early 1950s, Churchill Downs has produced a sterling silver mint julep cup which has become an iconic symbol of the Derby.

By the way, there are some bad recipes out there for making a mint julep. Don’t be one of those people. You must use a *good Kentucky Bourbon which Bill’s Package Store has plenty to choose from. Just ask! And then, don’t over muddle the mint. The mint just needs a touch to bring out the flavor. The aromatic oils are actually in the stem, so when you garnish with the mint sprig, it’s coming from the stem. Some people add lime-juice or club soda… Don’t!

So, now you know the truth.  And here is the best truth! Bill’s offers superior quality, top-shelf brands of your favorite liquors and wine at the lowest prices in Clarksville, TN. Call (931)647-5566 or visit at 1651 Fort Campbell Blvd Clarksville, TN 37042.