Wine of the month: Rosé

Wine of the month: Rosé

The world looks wonderful through Rosé colored glasses. Rosé is the quintessential summer wine. Rosé, also known as Blush wine, is perfect for a summer dinner party or a refreshing hot weather beverage. Interested in learning more? Here’s some helpful information about Rosé and its characteristics as well as some delicious pairing ideas.

Rosé, the pinkish wine is actually produced with the same grapes as red wine, but using different processes. For example, White Zinfandel is produced with the same grapes as Red Zinfandel the end result however is a completely different sort of wine. Nearly every variety of grape has been used to make Rosé wine. The category has grown hugely in popularity and there are more options than ever to choose from. There can be a huge variety of flavor profiles in Rosé wines. They are genarally strong fruit flavors including Grapefruit, Strawberry, Raspberry, Black Currant, and Blackberry. It can even include flavors as varied as Mint and Tomato.

If you like dry wines some of the Rosés you should try are Grenache, Sangiovese, Syrah, and Pinot Noir. For a sweeter summer Rosé try varieties such as White Zinfandel, White Merlot, and Pink Moscato. There is a Rosé wine for every palate so try them all and find your favorites.

If you are curious about what foods to pair a bottle of Rosé with there are several ways you can go. Think of summer foods, like tomato salads, olives, antipasta, and grilled vegetables. Rosé pairs well with flavors that are salty, a little spicy, and full of herbs like basil and oregano, and garlic. Grilled vegetables, such as peppers, zucchini and eggplant, seasoned with basil and olive oil and sausages of all kinds pair well with your favorite pink wines. Savory dishes aren’t the only option, sliced peaches or cut-up strawberries very lightly sweetened also pair well with a good Rosé.

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