Make Big Batch Cocktails for a Stress Free Summer

With summer comes summer parties! Bill’s Package Store wants to make sure you’re a part of the parties by making big-batch cocktails ahead of time 

Don’t get stuck behind the bar making cocktails for your guests. Pre-make the cocktails and let your guests pour what they want. Here are a few tips from Bill’s Package Store.

Summer Cocktails

Alcohol drink (gin tonic cocktail) with lemon, juniper branch, and ice on rustic wooden table, copy space. Iced cocktail drink with lemon and juniper berries.

Prepare ahead of time

  • Plan ahead what you want to serve and do your grocery shopping a few days beforehand.
  • Pre-wash, slice and prepare garnishes
  • Mix all of the ingredients in the container and add ice before the guests arrive.
  • Don’t add anything bubbly, like club soda, tonic, or prosecco, until you’re ready to serve.

Begin with the liquor

  • This usually takes place at the end of making cocktails but for bigger batches, start with the liquor and then add the flavor mix-ins, such as bitters, citrus, herbs, or sweeteners.

Add the flavor

  • Don’t go crazy with the flavors and aromatics just because you’re making a big batch.
  • Add the same amount of flavors or only a smidge more to your batch cocktail, as too much can completely throw off the flavor.

Taste test

  • Just as you would add salt and pepper to your meal, taste the cocktail batch to see if it’s close to the original flavor of a single cocktail.

Spirit-forward cocktails

  • Cocktail recipes made with only booze will keep well in the fridge or freezer like

Sparkling or fizzy cocktails

  • Mix all ingredients in these cocktails together except for the sparkling wine, water, soda, or prosecco.
  • Add those ingredients right before serving so the drink can be fizzy as possible for your guests.

Here are some great recipes to try for your big batch cocktails for a stress-free party.

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