Why Do Cocktails Need Different Glasses?

Bill’s Package Store answers your questions about which glass you should use for which cocktail and why

bills-package-store-clarksville-tn-cocktail-glassDifferent glassware makes different cocktails look and taste better. The function of the glass serves two purposes:

  • To enhance the aroma.
  • To keep liquid at the correct temperature.

Red wine glass

  • The standard red wine glass has a stem to hold so that your hand doesn’t warm up the wine.
  • The larger bowl shape gives room to swirl the wine and allows more aroma to be released.

White wine glass

  • The white wine glass is more slender than a red wine one to help slow down the rise in temperature from your hand. 
  • These glasses are more petite since white or dessert wine is sweeter, so you may not want a lot of it.
  • It has a smaller opening because the sweet taste is more important than the aroma.

Martini glass

  • These glasses have a larger bowl and are conical at the bottom.
  • The long stem helps control the temperature of the alcohol since drinks served in them will not have ice in them.
  • This is the most iconic glass thanks to James Bond movies. 

Champagne flutes

  • These glasses are shaped to make bubbles last longer.
  • There is a bead at the bottom to give the bubbles a starting point.
  • The opening is smaller since the aroma is not important and it also minimizes the exposure to air to preserve the bubbles.

Coupe glass

  • The petite coupe shape keeps your beverage from sloshing around.
  • This one is used for Manhattans or Daiquiris.
  • It was shaped after Marie Antoinette.

If you don’t have these glasses available, don’t sweat it. You can use whatever vessel is available to enjoy your favorite cocktails. Just be sure to get your favorite spirits from Bill’s Package Store.

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