Fun Facts About Wine

Wine has been around for centuries. Here are few fun facts you might not know about wine from Bill’s Package Store 

bills-package-store-clarksville-tn-wine-fun-factsWine is a sophisticated drink that takes years to produce and to achieve the perfect taste. Centuries ago, people drank wine instead of water that wasn’t always clean. Fermentation, when the wine is made, kills germs caused by salmonella and cholera.

Here are the fun facts:

  • Grapes are the most planted fruit all around the world.
  • A ton of grapes can be made into 720 bottles of wine.
  • Women are more susceptible to the effects of wine than men.
  • The origin of “toasting” came from ancient Rome. It’s derived from dropping a piece of toasted bread in the wine to soften the bitter taste.
  • Wine meeting air quickly spoils it, hence the reason for corking.
  • Cork-capped wine bottles are stored lying down to keep the cork wet, thus preventing air leakage into the bottle.

Health benefits

  • You need 7 glasses of orange juice or 20 glasses of apple juice in order to get the same amount of antioxidants in wine.
  • Wine reduces the risk of cancer and promotes longevity.
  • Drinking red wine has been attributed to positive health benefits, as long as you drink in moderation.

Wine tastings

  • Wine tasters swirl the wine in their glass to release its aromas.
    • The glass is only filled one-third of the way to leave space where these aromas can collect.
  • “Aroma” is the term for the fragrance of young wine, while “mellow” is for old wine.
  • At wine tastings, it’s okay to spit the wine out after tasting. This allows you to taste multitudes of wine without feeling the effects of the tasting.
  • The right way to hold a wine glass is by the stem so that your hand doesn’t warm the glass and increase the temperature of the wine.

Wine pairings:

  • Red wine pairs well with red meat.
  • White wine pairs best with chicken or fish.

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