The Tequila Worm – Myth or Legend?

If you haven’t seen a worm in your bottle of tequila, you’ve surely heard about it. Here’s the truth about “The Worm.”


Is there really a worm?  Bill's Package Store - Tequila - Mezcal - Worm

  • Yes, there is a worm.
  • Yes, you can eat it.
  • No, it’s not alive.
  • No, it won’t make you hallucinate.
  • No, it does not add to the flavor.


Let’s start with the basic myth.

The tequila worm is actually NOT in bottles of tequila. A worm is placed at the bottom of bottles of Mezcal. 

Theory #1

Here’s one theory for why there’s a worm in the bottle: When harvesting the agave plants for tequila and mezcal, the workers would place a dead worm in the mezcal bottles so they could tell the difference from the tequila.


Theory #2

Some people believe that the worm in the bottle started out as a marketing ploy to get people to buy more mezcal. If you’re looking at rows of bottles and notice a worm in the bottom of the bottle, the theory is that you’re likely to buy it just for curiosity…and it worked!


What about hallucinations?

The myth about the worm causing hallucinations probably started because you have to drink the whole bottle to get to the worm at the bottom. After drinking a whole bottle of Mezcal, you’re drunk, and probably hallucinating.


What is the worm?

  • If the worm wasn’t drowning in booze, it would turn into a beautiful butterfly.
  • So, it’s not a worm at all… it’s larvae.


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