Wine 101 – Your Wine Questions Answered


Wine 101: If you’re a wine connoisseur, you can stop reading this, but if you’re an inquisitive wine drinker, you might find these facts interesting. Read on for the answers to a few of the most common wine questions.


Wine 101

Does A Sweet Red Wine Require Added Sugar?

  • High quality sweet red wine is made WITHOUT additional sugar.
  • The fermentation process is fueled by the natural sugar content of the grape.
  • Without high sugar content, there cannot be high alcohol content.
  • Some grapes have less sugar content than others, so some wines are “chaptalized” or “enriched” with added sugar to feed the yeast to maximize the alcohol content.
  • They don’t simply dump extra sugar to make sweet wine sweeter.


Why Do You Pair Red Wine With Red Meat?

  • Red wines are almost always heavier in body and more explosive in taste than their white wine counterparts.
  • The biggest factor to consider when pairing wine with food is ensuring the wine doesn’t overpower the food and vice versa.
  • A hearty red wine would drown out the flavors of a delicate dish like tilapia or steamed vegetables.
  • Conversely, a filet mignon or beef stew would wipe out your taste buds to enjoy a crisp Pinot Grigio.


How Long Can I Store Wine?

  • Most wines are meant to be consumed within a year or two.
  • At least 90% of wines are meant to be consumed young.
  • Red wines can be cellar-kept for longer periods than white wines.


What is the Best Way to Save Leftover Wine?

  • Leftover wine can be saved but kept away from oxygen.
  • Find a small container that will hold the wine left over to the point where the container is virtually overflowing.
  • Cap the container with a cork or plug so that some of the wine spills out and no air bubbles are left in the container.
  • Store the container in your refrigerator for up to a week.


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