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Pinot Noir – Pronounced: “pee no nwahr”

Posted on: September 3rd, 2019

Which translates to “black pine”. Bill’s Package Store is not picky about how you pronounce it. We just call it that “good red wine.” Ahhhh, the sweet smell of freshly fallen damp leaves and mushrooms! Believe it or not, that’s how some wine experts describe Pinot Noir. Of course, you also get the flavors of…[READ MORE]

What’s Your Favorite Summer Drink?

Posted on: July 17th, 2019

Warmer weather calls for cool refreshing drinks. Bill’s Package Store has a list of favorite summer cocktails for you to try. We all have our favorite cocktail, but sometimes you need to shake things up, especially in the summertime. Your drink of choice for a cozy quiet bar might be different from those poolside treats….[READ MORE]

Why Are Mint Juleps Served In Metal Cups?

Posted on: May 29th, 2019

Although Derby Day is over, Bill’s Package Store wants you to be “In The Know” about this tradition and how it started. First off, the mint julep is an iconic symbol for Kentucky and Bourbon. Here’s the official recipe: Always use a silver cup Fill it with pulverized ice Bruise one tender little leaf of…[READ MORE]

Liquor Myths Debunked!

Posted on: April 17th, 2019

Bill’s Package Store wants to dispel some of the “old wives’ tales about liquor. Myth: Absinthe is a hallucinogenic. Truth: Scientific studies show that absinthes contain no hallucinogens, opiates, or psychoactive substances. It does have a high volume of perfumed alcohol. Myth: Jameson is Catholic and Bushmills is Protestant. Truth: According to award-winning bartender Jack…[READ MORE]